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Solar Training in New Jersey

NJ SolarGrowing Economy: New Jersey wants to gain its reputation back as being known as The Garden State. State-supported programs has allowed for more green jobs to flourish as the 2012 third annual National Solar Jobs Census reported that U.S solar industry employed close to 120,000 people. According to data from a 2011 report by the Solar Foundation, in New Jersey alone, employed 3,000 workers and comprises nearly 500 businesses. In the last year, the employment in the industry grew by 13.2%. By 2030, according to the DOE SunShot Vision Study, the solar industry will create 290,000 new solar jobs and with New Jersey offering rebates and incentives and in passing legislation that involves renewable energy including Solar PV systems. People who are certified in solar training have a great opportunity in New Jersey for green jobs.

Since 2001, the state of New Jersey has distributed almost $350 million dollars in rebates through its CORE rebate. These rebates went to over 8,000 qualifying solar installations located all over the state from Trenton to Parsippany to Atlantic City. New Jersey is in a transition of improving its environment and offers up one of the best incentives to both businesses and homeowners to covert to renewable energy.

Career Solution: Solar power may be one of the answers in solving the state’s economic problems and the need for jobs, issues caused by Hurricane Sandy, which left New Jersey with $2.6 billion in repairs creating an urgent need to update its infrastructures. As a representative of the NJ Environmental Commissioner comments, “The state wants to harden the power grid to withstand extreme storm”, PSE&G is also interested and wants to spend nearly $4 billion to update its technologies. Solar PV will most definitely play a part of this modernization. This is great for residents of New Jersey, especially for people who are looking to be involved in this growing renewable energy industry, specifically in Solar PV installations. New Jersey is seeking for professional solar installers to help improve the state’s environment.

With overflowing licensed construction companies in New Jersey, the need for qualified solar installers is a must. Being part of the solution will not only help improve New Jersey’s environment, but guarantees you a new career in this growing industry.

Your Path to A Career in the New Jersey Solar Industry: CleanEdison is a provider of solar training in New Jersey. CleanEdison believes that people learn by doing, known for its “hand-on” training style, the experienced instructors at CleanEdison guide new comers to the solar industry as well as people who have worked in similar revenues, through a five day course in Solar PV installation that helps prepares you to sit for the NABCEP certification exam. In a Solar PV Mastery training course, you will complete the 58 hours of training required for NABCEP PV Installer Certification, you will gain solar installation skills that can immediately be applied to the field.

The solar industry is a lucrative business that can provide you a great salary depending on your position, Solar Installers can earn $30,000 a year, Solar Managers can earn $42,000 a year and a Solar Designer can earn $200,000 a year.