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Convincing Homeowners of the Benefits of Air Sealing

 A challenge contractors often face is convincing homeowners of the many benefits of air sealing. Often times, homeowners see this as no more than an additional expense that they do not need. However, what many homeowners do not realize is that air sealing can make a great difference in air quality while also lowering energy bills. As a contractor, you want to do your best to look out for your clients. Here are some tips to convince them of the benefits of air sealing. By utilizing these, you may be able to increase air sealing sales, which benefits not only you as a contractor but the homeowners in the long term as well.


Visuals can be a great tool to help convince people about the benefits of air sealing. Some studies have come to the conclusion that 65% of people are visual learners and the effective use of visuals can help decrease learning time, improve comprehension, enhance retrieval, and increase retention. I recommend showing a chart like the one above from the EPA when explaining air sealing benefits to a homeowner.This Psychology Today article explains more about the benefits of visual learning.

Push Potential Energy Savings

Many homeowners are surprised when they learn that failing to air seal their homes can result in much higher heating and cooling expenses over time. A home without the proper air sealing can be the equivalent of leaving one window open at the house at all times throughout the year. All of those small gaps add up over time, causing cool air to escape in the summer and warm air to leave during the winter. The end result is that the home's HVAC system needs to work harder to keep up, ultimately leading to higher heating and cooling bills throughout the year. You can direct them to websites such as the EPA to prove these points.

Emphasize Comfortable Living

Homeowners without air sealing done in their homes often complain that certain spaces or areas of the home feel drafty. This is often not due to poor insulation, but those small gaps around windows and doors, piping, and wiring. By having air sealing performed, many homeowners find that their homes simply feel more comfortable year round. Even with the most energy efficient doors and windows, a home can still feel drafty if the proper air sealing is not done.

Promote Better Indoor Air Quality

Air quality is a huge selling point for homeowners with allergies and sensitivity to dust, pollen, and other debris. By having a home property air sealed, less outside air is able to enter the home. As a result, air quality is better because there are fewer allergens and particles in the air. Homeowners can then enjoy being able to breathe easier without having to spring for an air purifier or other expensive, short-term fixes. Here are more tips to improve indoor air quality you can also suggest.

Talk About Improving Home Durability

Not air sealing can unknowingly be damaging to a home. This is especially true in areas of high humidity, where outside air contains not only pollutants and allergens but a lot of moisture as well. As this moisture enters the home, it can easily seep into wood and other parts of the home that are not resistant to it. As a result, rotting of foundation and wood can occur more quickly, leading to serious problems and costly repairs down the road. By having air sealing done, homeowners can protect their homes from serious damage for a long time to come.There are many benefits to air sealing, many of which are completely unknown to homeowners. It is up to the contractor to educate the homeowner. Furthermore, explaining that air sealing is something that can be completed quickly and inexpensively will convince homeowners to have it done once they are sold on its benefits.