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Welcome to Kaplan Career Toolbox, the single-source for Solar, BPI, and LEED related news and career information. Whether you are interested in entering the industry or are a veteran of the business, Kaplan is here to help you every step of the way.

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                                            Real Estate Salesperson and Broker Articles

Solar Installation - Career Advice and Tips and Tricks for Installers and Sales Professionals 

Are you looking into a career in solar installation or sales OR have been in the industry for years, but want to learn more about certification? Kaplan Clean Tech offers solar related advice as well as tips and tricks to help not only new comers but the seasoned installers!

                                            Appraisal Articles

Energy Efficiency - Topics of Interest and Career Advice for Energy Auditors 

Whether you're just starting your career as an energy auditor or working towards your BPI Building Analyst or RESNET HERS Rater certifications, Kaplan Clean Tech is here to help answer any question you may have related to the energy efficiency industry.

                                            Residential Contracting Articles

Sustainable Building Design and Operations - Topics Related To Sustainability and LEED Certification

Have you been in the architecture or engineering field for years OR just starting out on your path towards LEED Accreditation? As a building professional, it is becoming increasingly crucial to continue to learn and understand the changing sustainability needs of your clients, Kaplan Clean Tech is here to help.

                                            Home Inspection Articles

Workforce Development - Career Guidance for Unemployed Individuals and Career Changers

In addition to training professionals, Kaplan Clean Tech Education provides tools and resources for those looking to get a job in a clean tech industry, but aren't quite sure where to start. In some cases, government funding may be available to pay for your training.