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Kaplan Clean Tech's ENERGY STAR 3.0 course aligns with the standards set forth by the Environmental Protection Agencies ENERGY STAR program. This course will provide individuals with the knowledge, skills and certification needed to label homes as ENERGY STAR Certified.

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    • All HERS Raters who plan to provide verification services for ENERGY STAR Version 3 homes must receive ENERGY STAR v3 training and pass the national ENERGY STAR exam.
    • This requirement applies to all existing ENERGY STAR rater partners, as well as any new raters who sign onto the program in the future, and includes field inspectors who are doing inspection and testing associated with ENERGY STAR qualified homes.
    • In addition, ENERGY STAR v3 training counts towards RESNET required Professional Development credit.

    There are no prerequisites. Our ENERGY STAR 3.0 course is ideal for:

    • Builders
    • HERS Raters
    • Field inspection
    • HVAC contractors.

    Kaplan Clean Tech's 2-day ENERGY STAR v3 training covers a range of topics that raters and field inspectors will need to know to qualify homes under ENERGY STAR Version 3.0.

    Course Topics

    • ENERGY STAR Reference Design Home
    • Benchmark Home/Size Adjustment Factor
    • Technical details for completing the required inspection checklist.
    • rescriptive and performance path program requirements for new homes
    • How to determine the ENERGY STAR HERS Index Target
    • How to effectively provide verification and inspection services for ENERGY STAR projects.
    • Two days of live instruction
    • All course materials and handbooks
    • All exam fees
    • Kaplan Clean Tech Pass Guarantee: if you do not pass the certification exam on your first try, you may re-take the course at no additional cost

    Upon successful completion of this course and the following exam, you will earn the nationally-recognized ENERGY STAR v3 Certification and be able to certify homes under ENERGY STAR 3.0.

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Course Reviews

  • 4.0  / 5.0
    November 2, 2012
    "If you are building homes, the Energy Star certification will help you make your inventory more attractive, it is much better to develop this expertise in house."
  • 5.0  / 5.0
    October 15, 2012
    "As a HVAC contractors, we needed to get additional expertise. This certification is ideal to provide more value to our customers."
  • 5.0  / 5.0
    February 20, 2013
    "Kaplan Clean Tech helped me to get the ENERGY STAR v3 Certification on the first try"
  • 4.5  / 5.0
    July 19, 2013
    "This was the next development stage after getting HERS certified. This helps me to put my business ahead of my competitors."
  • 5.0  / 5.0
    November 19, 2012
    "This course was good and fast, we were able to retain an important customer"
  • 4.5  / 5.0
    February 14, 2103
    "The instructor was very good and patient "

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