White Paper: The Value of Vocational Education

Friday, March 28, 2014 13:07
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ROI of vocational educationVocational training programs have a superior return on investment when compared with all other educational paths, and are in high demand for today’s workforce. Despite these facts, government funding for education is disproportionately allotted to degrees and credentials that are not as pertinent to the modern employment landscape. Current allocations of federal expenditures toward education are incompatible with the needs of the labor force, and the effects of this misallocation could prove detrimental to the American economy.

An examination of student outcomes for CleanEdison’s vocational training programs illustrates the value of middle-skills education, particularly with regard to the clean energy industries. The credentials that result from these short-form education programs are well-rewarded in industries that are seeing major growth, such as manufacturing and renewable energy.

As the employment needs of the American economy evolves, so should the educational programs that are preparing learners for the jobs that need them.

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