How the Feds are Making Renewables Faster and Cheaper

Thursday, May 2, 2013 14:40
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The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (“FERC”) recently proposed reforms to the interconnection regulations for small generators – those with a capacity of 20 MW or less. These reforms are meant to make the interconnection process for solar and wind faster and cheaper. Details on the proposed rules and how to participate in the currently open comment period can be found here.

It is essential to both know the rules and when the rules apply. Understanding how energy is governed – whether by federal, state, or local entities – is essential for crafting a financially successful endeavor. As Frederick R. Fucci and Natara Feller put in The Law of Clean Energy: Efficiency and Renewables, “interconnection problems and delays are the single greatest impediment to the successful installation of distributed energy equipment and are holding back the greater development of distributed resources.”

So, when will a small generation facility be impacted by FERC’s proposed reforms? When does FERC’s jurisdiction become relevant when entering into an interconnection agreement?

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2013: The Year of Performance

Wednesday, January 2, 2013 11:18
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renewable energyby Frank Sherman,

(reposted with permission from Alpine Green Solutions Blog)

2012 ends as a year of uncertainty. Uncertainty about the political landscape, uncertainty about climate change, and uncertainty about business have weighed heavily on our clients minds. At least the Mayan calendar did not end. What is certain is that 2013 looks to be a good year.

Energy plays a significant role as we look ahead to 2013. It fuels and impedes business success. It causes global climate change yet holds many of the solutions to this crisis. The politics of energy reflect the transformation that is happening throughout our economy. Old ways are dying and old industries and business practices are becoming relics relegated to the LA Brea Tar Pits of time. The more entrenched businesses and industries become, the more they sink into the past. Innovation, technology, and new economic models are creating the next generation of great businesses, and their approach to energy is critical to their success.

We look at 2013 as a year for performance and it reflects our optimism for all the business opportunity we see across the country. We sense this in conversations with our clients and our colleagues. Businesses are looking ahead and planning for long term growth and success. 2013 looks like it will be the year of the long play, where smart investments position businesses for future success. Here are a few trends to take advantage of in 2013.

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